Thursday, June 3, 2010

Galactic Cuisine

In third grade my class went on a field trip to Huntsville, Alabama to bask in the sense of wonder that is "Space Camp". They showed us NASA training equipment, explained the principals of rocket propulsion, and ushered us toward a mildly exciting series of space-themed rides. It was rather underwhelming and the gift shop was the highlight of the day for a lot of us. 

Some kids got a tuft of fiber optics sewn into the tip of a flashlight, others a glow in the dark NASA compass, and a lucky few walked away with high dollar items like rocket kits and telescopes. One thing that almost every one of got was, get ice cream! It looked like a neapolitan ice cream loaf in the shape of a dry dish sponge - and didn't taste much better. Regardless of its highly questionable appearance and flavor, this food was for astronauts, thus it was cool. 

Finding this information about the space food craze of the 60's and 70's makes me feel a little better about choking that crap down and deluding myself into believing that I liked it. Tang, however - I drank that stuff for years...

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