Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Arkansas Skunk Ape on Film

When I was a kid growing up in Tennessee, Bigfoot (or Sasquatch) was a national phenomenon thanks to media exposure on television shows like "In Search Of" and "That's Incredible!" The mythical beast was, and still is, a cryptozoologist's holy grail. Tromping around in the thick woods of my home state, my imagination often got away from me - supplanting shadowy images of a upright hairy beast in the place of deadfalls and pine branches. Watching "The Legend of Boggy Creek" on late night television probably fueled my overactive imagination, but back then horror movies were like M&Ms - I couldn't get enough. The film scared me as a kid, but now it's just an enjoyable stroll down memory lane. Unfortunately, someone had to go and make a sequel. I haven't seen it, but judging from the trailer below, they should've left well enough alone.

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