Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Aviator

I loved "The Aviator" - in my opinion this is one of Scorsese's best pictures. Hearty assists from Bob Richardson and Leo DiCaprio - both career highlights - certainly didn't hurt. This film had a firm grasp on every aspect of the bizarre and inspiring life of one of America's most singular persona's, the venerated and equally vilified Howard Hughes. Ever since reading the latter era biography "Howard Hughes: The Hidden Years" I've been fascinated by the man.

 I was skeptical going in, but saw it twice before it left wide release. Beautifully executed, this could stand as the last word on Howard Hughes at the movies. Let's hope Marty, Leo, and Bob reunite for part two and detail the later years when Hughes retreated from public life. I'd love to see him revolutionize Vegas gambling, satellite technology, and jet propulsion while peeing in jars, growing out his doo, and watching "Ice Station Zero" around the clock. Howard, we hardly knew you -

from Fade In magazine

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