Thursday, May 20, 2010

The savage fury of "Vice Squad"

Ramrod prepares to lower the boom on Princess -

Gary Swanson as Det. Tom Walsh

Wings takes aim.

Ramrod stalking

Vice Squad is a lean, fast paced 80's exploitation masterpiece. With terrific direction by "Raw Meat" auteur Gary Sherman, cinematography by Kubrick mainstay John Alcott fresh off "Barry Lyndon", and a career defining performance by Wings Hauser as "Ramrod" the killer pimp, this movie has everything any grindhouse denizen could ask for.

The story is as simple as they come - Princess (Season Hubley) is a single mother by day and Hollywood prostitute by night. After her friend and fellow street hooker is murdered in typically brutal fashion by Ramrod (Wings Hauser), Detective Tom Walsh (Gary Swanson) and his squad of vice cops convince Princess to work undercover. She gets the goods on Ramrod, but when he escapes she unknowingly becomes the focus of his lust for vengeance. It's up to the Hollywood vice squad to find Princess before he can lay his "pimp-stick" on her.

While the film is great in a hard R kinda way, it's Wings as Ramrod that brings the exploitation bacon home. He is as unstoppable as Terminator in his quest to eliminate Princess. Resembling a homicidal Elvis, he carries out some of the most ruthless paybacks in cinematic history. Wings not only has the meatiest role in the film, but he even sang the theme song "Neon Slime".

You Tube has been kind enough to post the entire movie but I recommend the DVD - it has a great commentary and other extras that make this a purchase you can sink your ramrod into.

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