Friday, May 21, 2010

Jay Reatard (May 1st 1980 - Jan 13th 2010)

The Reatards at Gonerfest 6 - Memphis, Tennessee

Review of Grown Up/Fucked Up from Cimarron Weekend Magazine

Obit by Chris Herrington for The Memphis Flyer

By Andrew Earles for Spin magazine online

Jay at South by Southwest
Portrait of the artist as a young punk
The Wild Bunch
I never met Jay Reatard....

Being a Memphian who moved to L.A. precluded it. Let's just say I was too old. The antithesis of hip - a film student who moved to Hollywood to find his fortune - but he never saw the fertile soil under his own feet. Jay Reatard skipped all that.

People screamed for his blood and this guy complied. If you yelled "asshole" at his show, Jay just shrugged and barked out hateful rants backed by irresistible hooks. Geography wasn't the subject at hand, I assure you.

Since I never met the man -- he did punch one of my friends during a blistering set by the Oh-Sees -- I'll just leave it up to the people who knew him best.

Live in Brooklyn

Ain't Gonna Save Me


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