Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Road to Rock and Roll - 1800 Miles to Memphis

my chariot awaits
 departure point - Ralph's Hollywood
could barely fit my luggage
 1800 miles to go
 of course I hit traffic on the way out
 the open road
 nuff' said
 didn't stop
petroleum fix
 artistic urinal in a truck stop
 New Mexico's post dusk glory
 20 winks worth
the breakfast of semi-champions
 once more into the breach
 the automotive frontier
 the clouds are closer than they appear
the 1000th mile approaches
 Stucky's is ubiquitous
 the implications are endless
 thank God for Iphones
America Incorporated
 I love Arkansas
 you can almost read Memphis
 mighty Missisip
that smell tells me I'm in midtown
home again, home again
the Mazda's new digs

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